Nice Things People Say

“Dori Price is a talented writer and speaker. Her words reveal an honest heart, vulnerable yet hopeful, and her gift for encouraging others has been a blessing to many, including myself. I consider it an honor to count her as both a friend and mentor” (Melissa May, Writer and Moderator for Modestly Yours).

“Dori Price is an amazing woman of God with a true heart to serve her Lord and Savior through her ministry to others. When I think of Dori many words come to mind: faithful, kind, sincere, dependable, and humble. Dori inspires me with her gentleness and patience as she interacts not only with her husband and children, but with each woman the Lord brings across her path on a day to day basis. She is the first to ask, “Can I pray with you?” or “How are you really doing?” It is with great honor and blessings to call Dori Price my friend, co-leader and my sister in Christ” (Rose Block, Small Group Leader of Mothers Offering Mutual Support, Calvary Church, Naperville, IL).

"Dori, I just wanted to take a moment to express what a blessing your articles have been. Your blog on Trust was right on time; it came to me at a time of indecision, as I read it I felt as if there was a hidden message for me, a reminder that He is in control no matter what. I just [need to] trust!” (Beatriz Diaz-Santana, Reader, Naperville, IL).

“Dori Price is a sensitive and thoughtful person who is daring to tackle big questions about faith and family, and what it means to live a life with purpose and passion for Jesus Christ. She will inspire and challenge you to rethink the normal and hold onto the truth. Dori’s passion to infuse women with encouragement and enablement is contagious! She models sensitivity to those everyday ‘God-moments’ that help keep our perspectives uncomplicated and our eyes focused on what truly matters in life. Don’t miss diving in to her thoughts and ideas” (Michael & Lynnelle Escamilla, Small Group Leaders, Calvary Church, Naperville, IL).

“God has blessed Dori the talent of encouraging women in every season of their life. I love reading about the lessons that she shares. The articles about parenting have blessed and encouraged me as I enter the new frontier of parenting. Dori has a gift with words that blesses, encourages, and inspires everyone who comes in contact with her. I’m excited to read about her new adventures, parenting lessons, and tips to live confidently” (Angela Greenwood, Reader, Plainfield, IL).

“My girlfriend introduced me to your blog. I greatly enjoy how you articulate what God has pressed on your heart to share with other women. Your article on trust was a reminder for me on how to let go and let God” (Mireya, Reader, Chicago, IL).

"It was my wife’s love for the Lord that initially attracted me to her. I was a long-time Christian who had turned from the Lord and was in the process of being slowly reeled back in to His loving embrace. I am certain that the Lord brought Dori into my life to act as a catalyst to this end, among many other things. My faith was just starting to be rebuilt and I needed her passion and love for our Savior to keep me accountable and help encourage me. Just living out her faith and speaking to what she knows to be true was such an encouragement to me and my faith grew as we continued getting to know each other. Her simple presence in my life is proof enough of God’s sovereignty. I can honestly say that it was Dori that was the prime factor in turning me back on to the Lord.  Since then, we have celebrated five anniversaries and the birth of our two, wonderful sons. Her love and passion for the Lord is very evident in her relations with our boys as well. She is dedicated and committed to do everything she can to teach them about God, His Son, and the daily presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. She is full of practical wisdom and loves to use everyday experiences to impart it into the lives of our children. Dori is an active member of the MOMS group at our church and has a great passion for using her strong verbal and written communication skills to encourage women. She exhibits a Christ-like character and concern for her family, her church, and those outside the church which is inspiring and makes me honored to call her my wife, friend, and the mother of my children” (Ryan Price, Husband, Chicago, IL).

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