Saturday, December 1, 2012

Recycling Cardboard Boxes | A Christmas Activity For Your Kids

While browsing Pinterest, I found an interesting project that I wanted to do with my family.  I started out thinking this would be a great way to give my two boys something to do for at least an hour.  But I quickly discovered that this project was not exactly kid friendly.  By the time I figured this out, I was already knee deep into the process.  No quitting now.  I had to carry on.  The end result will be fun, but all the cutting and taping, and piecing together took me the entire morning to complete.  Asaiah began the project with me but once he finished the decorating part, he faded fast.  No complaints though.  In my heart, as I was completing each item, I was filled with a lot of happiness knowing that my family was going to enjoy this activity throughout the coming weeks. 

And, I'm excited to share the end result with you in case you wanted to do something like this for your family.  Here's what I did:  I recycled cardboard boxes by making them into mailboxes.  There's several ways you can have a great time with this activity.  Ask one of your kids to be the mailman; tell him he has to check the main mailbox each day, sort the mail, then deliver it to each family member's smaller mail box.  If you have more than one kid, let them take turns.  My six year old was all over this when I told him he could check the mail, and deliver it.  Each family member can bring their mail to the dinner table, and share what they received.  Or, you can have each one read their mail on their own.  I like the idea of sharing the notes with each other. 

Some suggestions for types of things you can put in the mail box:  letters that contain questions to which your child would then write a return letter with his reply.  Use stickers as stamps on your envelopes.  Draw pictures.  Tape a piece of candy to a small note telling your child how sweet he is.  If you have younger kids, let them cut out pictures from a magazine, then tape to paper to make their own magazine, then put a label on it for Dad.  While your child(ren) are writing letters, drawing pictures, or finding creative ways to make something for you, teach them the importance of having a giving heart especially during this season but also explain how Jesus wants us to have a giving heart all throughout the year.  I've decided to use this activity as a way to also share with my sons that Jesus Christ was given to us by God, and that the greatest love letter ever given to this world is the Bible. 

Aside from the above suggestions, I thought it would be fun to write each other notes leading up to Christmas day.  (I actually got a little excited myself thinking about what types of notes my husband might write to me).  But too, my son has just floated around this morning coloring pictures, writing notes, and drawing pictures that he wanted to put in the mailbox for us. 

To complete the project I used cereal boxes, tape, scissors, mailing labels, a garbage bag box, scrapbook material, and lots of patience.  Even though this took some time to make, now that it is done, I am really looking forward to getting mail from my family throughout the week.  Please take a moment to look at our finished project.  God bless you all, and Merry, Merry Christmas!  Love, Dori

Front of the Mail Box

Back of the Mail Box

Back with slot open

Side of Mail Box 
Side of Mail Box

The Mail Pouches for our doors

Hanging on our bedroom door



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