Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weight Steals Too Much Time From Me

Yesterday was cluttered with failures, mistakes, and wondering if I could really attain the goals I've set before me.  Losing weight is not easy.  Bad habits are hard to break.  Motivating myself to exercise is difficult in the midst of my busy life with my boys.  Craving that ice cream sandwich, and giving in is easier than doing five sit-ups for me.  I can feel sorry for myself all I want but the decision to give in to my temptation doesn't go away.  It stares at me, daring me to fail. 

What is important here?

Losing 50 lbs?

For vanity sake?

Getting into the jeans that young teens are wearing?

Or my own jeans from pre-baby for that matter!

Looking like an ad model?

Being puffed up by the compliments received over my small success?


Being healthy so I can do all that God has called me to do?

Taking care of the body God gave me, because life is a gift.

Raising healthy boys, and being a good example to them.

Living life with my husband.

The latter things are what's important.

Grounding myself in eternal things, and removing things from my life that take too much of my time and focus is an important endeavor.  Weight steals too much time from me. 

Yesterday is marked down in the history books.  Today is what I make of it.  Today is my new beginning.  Today is my first step to freedom.  Today is my renewed opportunity to win.  I'm not giving up like in times past.  I'm running towards my goals with new vigor and vitality. 

To God be the glory.

~ Dori


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